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5 ways to improve ball control

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

We have come up with 5 tips we feel can help improve your child's ball control and take them to the next level. Keep in mind these are our opinions and parents should do some research themselves to help improve the skills of their kids. You can share these tips with your children and hopefully help them become better footballers.


This is the most basic but effective action anyone, not just kids, who is trying to improve their control can try out. It is easy, all you have to do is kick your ball against a wall at various speeds and angles with the aim of keep the ball within a given area. Try and do this with one or two touches and the better you get you can add keepy-uppys to this and incorporate your weaker foot.

Practice with a Wall


Get yourself some cones and let loose going round with the aim of not touching the cones. This is a very effective technique for building close control and will get you out of tight situations the better you get at it. It will become second nature and this is what professional footballers like Lionel Messi used when they were younger to get the ball glued to their foot.


When you have become more comfortable with the ball, the next step is to try and keep the ball in the air without touching the ground for as long as you can. Keepy-Uppys. This will help improve your touch of the ball. Use different parts of the body to get familiar with the ball and kick the ball using both feet to improve your overall balance with the ball. The more advanced you become you can start keeping the ball up together with your friends.

Keep practicing and you will get better, it is that easy


This is a more advanced level method. It involves having 4 small goal posts in 4 directions and in a small area, and 4 players . The players are only allowed one touch of the ball and the are aiming to score against everyone else. This improves your ability to react to awkward balls coming at your feet quickly. It is also very fun and competitive which will help your child develop social skills because to play this game you need 3 other players.

4 goal football
Each Player has to score a particular number of goals to win the game, Usually 5

5) 10,000 HOURS OF FOOTY

The most important way to improve your ball control is to play football everyday. You've heard about the 10,000 hours needed to become an expert at anything. Well by this logic all you have to do is play the game as much as you can. And this is why you should join a team like Woking United FC who are here to help your child become the best footballer the can be. Remember, it takes hard work and dedication to become the best you can possibly be so keep practising.

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