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Woking United optimistic about the new season

After a summer period that saw the Woking United first team play in various 5 a side tournaments, there is a visible optimism in the squad. Could this be because the team lifted the Combat Sports League (CSL) charity tournament along with the Shah Jahan Mosque Footy4Yemen tournament trophy, or perhaps the growing chemistry amongst the players. Whatever it is, it looks promising.

Woking United lifting the CSL tournament trophy

These summer tournaments has given the team a chance to gel together and win (and lose) together. Woking United has a reputation for producing some of the best talent in Woking, and playing in these tournaments provides a platform for the players to showcase their ability. For instance, Brian Chimbima was the top scorer in one of them and Mo Shah was an outstanding performer in another. A steady backbone of players who have been at the club for a long period of time like Bilal and Waleed alongside the ever present Haider. The team looked good.

Woking United winning the Footy4Yemen tournament

The season ahead brings an air of confidence and optimism and the team want to win the league. That is the goal. With the current squad and players coming into the club, old and new, there is a real chance of this team achieving something this season. The gaffer has high expectations for the team and so do the players.

It all kicks off on 25 of September with a home again. We need to start off with a win.

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